Download free Obama Birth DVD!

Download for free the sheriff's kit containing proof positive that President Obama's birth certificate and selective service card are forged. This DVD (or individual file download) contains all the forensic research that Sheriff Arpaio has had done. It is an eye opener, and a must have for ALL citizens of the United States of America! A second version is also in the works!

From the website:

Sheriff's Kit
This is everything you need to present to your Congressman. All of the videos to the left and the affidavit below. The affidavit is a sworn statement by Mike Zullo concerning the fake birth certificate. Everything can be downloaded.

It will be difficult to have your Congressman ignore these facts. Make an appointment and have a face to face meeting and hand over these videos and affidavit. Please, if you plan to meet with your congressman, let me know.

View and download from:

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