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Dark Water - Game Over - by Andrew Shecktor 

(Author of Centralia PA, Devils Fire, )
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Dark Water, Game Over is the story of a writer who takes on a challenge far bigger than he can handle. He travels deep into a rabbit hole of international crime, espionage and intrigue involving some of the world’s most powerful corporations, organizations and people. This novel is based on the true story of a Bulgarian whistleblower, and while the story is fictional, the facts and figures presented are true. Is there indeed a conspiracy to depopulate the planet to the benefit of the wealthy? That is for you, the reader to decide.
- - - - - - -
The basement room was dark and dank. Water dripped off the ceiling into small muddy puddles on the cracked concrete floor. The only illumination was from a single flickering lamp hung from a beam by a frayed brown cord.
     In a far corner sat a man of Bulgarian descent. He was crouched over and shivering from the cold, despite having just run several blocks. He was attempting to evade his pursuers, who were looking to finish him off. It was cold outside and chilly in the basement but he was covered with perspiration. Fresh blood mixed with sweat flowed down his forehead and over his ruddy face. Blood oozed from his chest and escaped through a frayed hole in his heavy wool coat. In his left hand he held a small recording device stained with his own blood. His trembling finger pressed the red “record” button.
     “By the time you hear this I will be long dead. Heed my warning and save yourselves. The Russians and the New World Order are killing the Americans. Their goal is to kill all the older people and keep the young ones sick and incapacitated and under their control. The opioid crisis and marijuana legalization are the cover up for the big scheme – poisoning the waters of the nation with radioactive polonium. It is already being done. No one believes me, but I have the proof. It is in a secure box in the basement at Walchestrasse 11 , Zurich 8006, Switzerland…”
     He paused, a sickly gurgle emanating from the depths of his throat. He then gave these final words.
     “May God save my soul; may God save you. Trust no one. Save yourselves…”


Revised and updated version of Phil Berg's book, "ObamaScare."

He’s back! Phil Berg, gone for two years, his website hacked by those opposed to his radical opinions, is back – bigger and badder than ever with his release of “ObamaScare.” This powerful book reveals Barack Obama’s plan to undermine the United States by surreptitiously bypassing all manner of law and by radical jackbooting of his opposition. Phil has been called “a crackpot”, a “tin hat”, a “nut case”, and other derogatory names, but he backs all of his opinion with personal interactions, news stories and historical data. Chills will run up your spine when you read what he has to say – our current path is scarier than a Stephen King novel. Aside from his career ending mission to expose Obama’s true birthright (AKA Barry Soetoro), Berg has set out to expose Obama’s numerous impeachable and egregious acts of treason that have been suppressed by the mainline press. This book will get you thinking and seeking more information – and I won’t even mention the wildest revelations – you will have to read the book to find out!  

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