Thursday, December 11, 2014

ObamaScare - Coming soon to a bookstore near you and online!

Preorder your copy today!
It is worth the wait! More horrific than a Stephen King novel. More scary than icy winter roads in New Hampshire. More scary even than death itself! The imminent death of a once great nation, felled by one anti-American U.S. President! Don't miss this one - we must all rally together for the betterment of our country - not just our own special interests. What value is there to health care, gay marriage, or even free government handouts if we end up living in a socialist dictatorship? Don't think this can happen? Think again!! We are almost there! Author Philip J. Berg reveals all in this true and shocking treatise, and backs up all his claims with fact. This soon to be released book is a must read for all American citizens, and indeed for all the people of the world.

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