Thursday, January 15, 2015

Link to Obama and other information posted online by Andrew K. Dart

by Andrew K. Dart - 2015
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"President Obama won the 2008 election, even though his beliefs and political positions were all but completely unknown to most Americans.  He is a man with no great record of accomplishments in the Senate, or anywhere else, yet the national news media constantly gush over him.  Seldom is heard a discouraging word about the man, even though nobody really knows what he stands for.  The only thing that distinguished him from the rest of the Democratic front-runners (in the eyes of the media) was his ethnicity.  Apparently that's all it takes.

Mr. Obama has never managed a business of any kind, nor has he ever worked in a for-profit environment.  He appears to abhor the concepts of monetary profit and capitalism.  His only management positions have been in organizations that give away other people's money, such as the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  He has never served in the military (for which the news media would never forgive a Republican candidate).  His only leadership skill is his ability to read a teleprompter — without which he is completely lost.

More importantly, he has been surrounded by left-wing anti-American radicals and genuine Communists all his life, he had the most liberal voting record during his very brief term in the Senate, and he appears to be a fundamentally dishonest man with major character flaws.  He claims to be a Christian, although there is much more evidence that he is actually a Muslim.  He supports and approves of abortion by any method and at any stage of pregnancy — or slightly beyond.  And apparently he is not legally qualified to hold the office of President:  His own grandmother insists that she was present when Obama was born — in Kenya — but even if he was born in Hawaii, he was registered in an Indonesian school as a citizen of Indonesia.*

During his campaign, enthusiastic crowds of Obama fans cheered as he promised to have the federal government pay for medical bills, cheap and abundant energy, college tuition, and a long list of other goodies.  Very few of them gave the slightest thought about who would ultimately pay for it all.  Upon close examination, his speeches are full of empty promises, self-contradictory claims, and flag-waving rhetoric.  And it's not necessarily the American flag he's waving.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, John McCain was afraid to bring up any of the subjects listed below, but I'm not."

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