Friday, March 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton email scandal is bigger than email

MAR. 12, 2015, 7:33 AM

Hillary Clinton is being bombarded on all sides after her exclusive use of a personal email address while she was secretary of state became public last week. Her belated explanations have not sufficed, and experts on all sides are wondering whether the former first lady and likely 2016 presidential candidate may have jeopardized US interests by using a vulnerable form of communication and deleting many of her emails.

But don't expect all that to stop Hillary, who is treating the flap like many of the events that have defined her political career.

"The Clintons play by their own set of rules. And in this case, the former Secretary of State explained, those rules bless her decision to erase some 30,000 emails from the family server despite knowing that the emails had become a subject of intense interest to congressional investigators," David Von Drehle writes in Time.

"These were merely 'private personal emails,' Clinton averred, 'emails about planning Chelsea's wedding or my mother's funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you typically find in inboxes.' After she finished taking questions, Clinton's staff disclosed that no one actually read through those 30,000-odd documents before she 'chose not to keep' them."

Time notes that "the twin drivers of the Clinton soap opera" over the past 22 years "have been their penchant for secrecy and their menagerie of rich associates."

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My views on Hillary Clinton:
Andrew Shecktor March 13, 2015

This is EXACTLY the problem with America today. Everyone votes for the most important offices 
based on ONE MINOR issue that they want to push. Folks, it is not about women’s rights, gay 
rights, or welfare – it is about the entire economic and cultural future of the United 
States. We need to vote for candidates that respect the law, respect security (both personal 
and political), and who are open and strictly maintain records. The use of personal email for 
ANY business purpose is unethical! I would be fired in a heartbeat from my job if I did 
something that stupid. There is NO excuse for an otherwise intelligent and extremely educated 
individual to be sending business information via personal email. The ONLY reason one would 
do this is to obfuscate information or steal information from their employer. Either way 
Hillary Clinton is a career criminal bent on defrauding the American public – NOT someone we 
want in office. To be fully candid on the matter – Yes, I am a conservative Republican. No, I 
don’t think most of the Republicans in office are any better than the Democrats. I have yet 
to find a viable candidate for the 2017 Presidential elections that I am comfortable voting 
for. And yes, if there should be a Democrat running with a proven track record and better 
qualifications than the opposing Republican, I would vote for the Democrat! In this case, 
Hillary Clinton is NOT even worth thinking about, let alone considering for the nation’s 
highest office!


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