Thursday, September 24, 2015

Democrats Attack Jeb Bush's "Multiculturalism" Comment

By Candace Smith
ABC News
Sep 23, 2015, 4:55 PM ET

"We should not have a multicultural society," said Jeb Bush Tuesday in Iowa.

It was a curious statement from the Republican presidential candidate. Bush, whose wife is Mexican-born and has three Mexican-American children, has long embraced “the immigrant experience." He's been a consistent advocate of comprehensive immigration reform that gives immigrants a path to legal status.

"When you create pockets of isolation — and in some places the process of assimilation has been retarded because they've slowed down — it's wrong," he added. "It limits people's aspirations."

Bush made the comments Tuesday at a small diner in Cedar Falls, Iowa. A young woman had approached him and asked how the federal government could better incorporate refugees.

Bush later told The Associated Press, "You have to have people assimilate into society. But that doesn't mean we have a monolithic, homogeneous population. To the contrary," he said. "The power of America is a set of shared values with a very diverse population embracing it."

And while the campaign doesn’t view these comments as a misstep or even a gaffe, opponents on the Democratic side do.

Progressive group American Bridge released a video accusing Bush of pandering to the far right.

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