Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Face Mask False Flag!

This is exactly why I don't bow down to the deep state, nor jump off that bridge they keep telling me to jump off of. Yes, social distancing works. Yes locking down an entire nation works, but only if you have a cure to stop recurrence. Yes, stay home if you are sick. No, face masks don't work. They are the band used to mark us and make us yield to their will. I know I am going to get a rash of crap from this post, but the only reason I could find for healthy people to wear a mask it that it is our badge that we are caving to the will of the deep state, globalist control. We are told that a mask only protects the other person from your germs, so why do doctors and nurses wear them when going to an infected area? If they don’t protect the worker, they wouldn’t be wearing them, would they? The recommendation to wear masks by the deep state, globalist CDC is to protect the OTHER person, according to them. It was put in place in my opinion to shame and control us by having our neighbors scold us for not wearing one. Perhaps they are testing us to see if we will turn each other in; perhaps when they come for our guns? Maybe to mark us, as the Germans did the Jews before taking them to be murdered. I, for one, am not buying any of it. [Andrew Shecktor]

Feb 29, 2020,10:29pm EST

No, You Do Not Need Face Masks To Prevent Coronavirus—They Might Increase Your Infection Risk

Tara HaelleSenior Contributor
I offer straight talk on science, medicine, health and vaccines.
Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton holds up a mask as she gives an update at MetroHealth ... [+]


Note: For an update on the science of masks with respect to COVID-19 since this publication, please see this article. The CDC now recommends everyone wear masks in public to reduce asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19. Experts, including the CDC, continue to state that the evidence does not show that wearing a mask will protect the wearer, but everyone wearing masks should benefit the population overall.

Community transmission of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new , has officially begun in the U.S., with two cases in California and one in Oregon of unknown origin. The first COVID death was reported Saturday, Feb. 29, in Seattle. The natural human response to a strange, new disease making its way to a neighborhood near you is to feel anxiety and want to DO SOMETHING. That’s why many people have been buying up and stockpiling masks. But even if you could buy any in the midst of global shortages, should you? 


And if you already have masks, should you wear them when you’re out? 


Even if there are COVID cases in your community?

Even if there are cases next door, the answer is no, you do NOT need to get or wear any face masks—surgical masks, “N95 masks,” respirator masks, or anything else—to protect yourself against the coronavirus. Not only do you not need them, you shouldn’t wear them, according to infection prevention specialist Eli Perencevich, MD, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University of Iowa’s College of Medicine. 

Tara HaelleSenior Contributor

I offer straight talk on science, medicine, health and vaccines.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right at the start: if you’ve come to this article wondering if you should wear a mask to protect society at large from infection, this article won’t answer that question for you. The CDC is considering the question because that’s what responsible public health agencies do as evidence and circumstances change, and I’m awaiting their guidance like everyone else. 

What this article will do is discuss why the question is so complicated—yes, it really is—what factors are at play, and what you will want to consider in deciding whether to wear a homemade mask. It remains true that severe shortages in surgical masks mean any mask wearing should be something you already possess or will make, and it remains true that most people do not properly wear N95 respirators.

I wrote my previous article on masks on Feb. 29, which, in CoronaTime, was approximately a millennium ago. It would be another week and a half before the WHO would even declare COVID-19 a pandemic. Both the science and the pandemic itself have shifted and are continuing to shift. That article’s information was true at the time, and most of it remains true now. It addressed one main question: should you wear a mask to protect yourself from infection? 

 “The question a month ago was will they protect you, the wearer, and the answer is still, they probably won’t protect you,” Eli Perencevich, the University of Iowa infection prevention specialist I spoke to for the last article, said when I spoke to him today about the topic. One of the biggest reasons they won’t protect the average wearer is that most don’t wear them correctly—even when trained—and unconsciously engage in counterproductive behaviors, such as touching the mask frequently. 

So why, then, do healthcare workers wear them? Aside from the fact that they (usually) wear them correctly (and have people telling them when they don’t), there are other reasons I’ll get to—hang tight. Further, it’s still possible future evidence could change what we know now and reveal that wearing masks does protect wearers. Currently, that evidence still doesn’t exist. 

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