Monday, May 4, 2015

My Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Elections

Andrew Shecktor, Boot the Bums, May 4, 2015

I have put some thought and research into the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections and have deduced the following:

1. The Republican's don't stand a chance (duh... Sadly the Republican Party has stagnated in the 1950's. I am a long time Republican, and only so because I like my guns, my Constitution, and my right to freedom of religion. Sadly, we are losing all these rights because the Party and our elected Republican officials won't put up a fight to save them. As for the highest office? The Republican Party puts too much emphasis on putting down the liberals rather than agreeing to at least discuss the wants, needs, and desires of the public. They don't even need to act on these wants; they just need to stop demonizing them.

2. Hillary Clinton will lose. I believe Hillary Clinton is, and has always been, a pawn in Barack Obama's agenda. She was dumped from his cabinet so she could play the role of sorry sad sack martyr. In fact, the plan was to have her get Obamacare going - a plan she has been working on since the Bill Clinton days, and then drop out to run for President. However, I believe she is just a smoke screen to draw our attention from the real plan (item 3.)

3. The real plan is for Hillary Clinton to act as a distraction while Michelle Obama plans her move. I believe Michelle Obama will pull an eleventh hour snipe and put her name in. All of her "good deeds" and the fact that she is a common household name, already residing in the White House, coupled with known citizenship and a lack of criminal activity will push her into office. Then comes the REAL, real plan (item 4.)

4. Barack Obama knows he is ineligible for a third term, yet his plans to destroy our country are not yet complete. A push for third term eligibility or a hostile takeover would not be in his best interests. However, with his wife running the country, and all the liberal citizen's happy and smiling, guest what? Eight more years of disaster and the end of our country as we know it!

5. The solution: I think we should find another household name who has no personal agenda and who can get along with all Parties to run and capture the American vote. Off the cuff, I'd vote for Whoopi Goldberg - and I am not joking. She is known by every American, and while staunchly liberal, she is willing to listen to opposing views and has even lambasted Obama on occasion. There may be others out there, but just throwing out my suggestion.

In any event - I suggest keeping your eyes open, nothing ever is as it seems, and politicians ALWAYS have an agenda!

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