Thursday, April 30, 2015

I think Hillary Clinton is turning liberals into zombies!

I am really starting to get scared that many Democrats and otherwise liberal people are being turned by Hillary Clinton. A number of my posts have been booted with comments such as "Well if that's how you feel you are not welcome on my feed," and "You are out of your mind... Get back on your meds!"

Well folks, seems the hypnosis is working. Somehow this obviously and blatantly lying, cheating, deceitful criminal is managing to sedate the population and convince them she is a sweet, loving, caring and sane individual. Wake up America! Before you boot my posts, find out the facts. And for the Democratic Party - PLEASE get a real candidate that both the Democrats and the Republicans can support. For the Republicans - sadly, there may be no hope left until they learn to accept that the world is changing while your party stands still...

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