Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Personal ObamaCare Experience

[From the blogger - True story!]
Andrew Shecktor
April 4, 2016

Obamacare IS broken, WAS broken, and will CONTINUE to be broken. It is un-fixable because it was poorly designed. It is illegal and unconstitutional (and I don't care what the liberal, long term, "should be impeached judges" have determined - the constitution is pretty much black and white!) My wife is just one example. She works at a grocer. Pre-Obamacare she paid $100.00 per month for good coverage with a $500.00 deductible. Obamacare comes - the store says "we're cutting all your hours so you can go on the exchanges and "save money." Guess what? The losers (including Hillary "The Criminal" Clinton) who designed this piece of crap base the cost of your insurance, and what subsidies you get on HOUSEHOLD income - and they apparently think that $40,000.00 is "rich"; I guess since they don't understand you can't live on that sort of income. In any event - I tried getting insurance at work, we tried getting insurance in the marketplace. Cost of new insurance would be between $450 and $600, with a $4,000 out of pocket and $1000 deductible! My wife makes $450 per month!!! Then - If I don't buy her insurance, they want to fine me 5 or 6 thousand dollars! And, all the slackers who are getting free or cheap insurance go the the hospital thinking "Oh, I have insurance." Then they get the deductible and out of pocket bill, don't pay it, and stiff the hospital. Guess who gets to pay this? We, the now poverty stricken middle class! This piece of crap has to be de-funded and repealed, and insurance companies dropping out is the start of a grand revolution against this illegal plan!

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