Thursday, April 14, 2016

REVOLT: Colorado Trump Fans Blast State GOP… Announce Revenge Set for Friday

The Republican Party in Colorado may have given away the state’s delegates to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz without a vote, but that doesn’t mean that Trump supporters are giving up without a fight.

A social media campaign has begun to protest the state party’s decision to decide its delegate allocation without a vote — 34 in total — during this election cycle. Sen. Cruz — whose ground game and political maneuvers have been besting Trump even when Cruz hasn’t been beating the billionaire at the polls — took all 34 Colorado delegates this weekend.

Colorado Votes Matter, a newly formed protest group, aimed to change that, and they planned to start this Friday.

“The Colorado Republican Party shamefully silenced its voters this election season. We demand that Colorado give the power to vote in the Presidential primary to the voters,” a statement on the group’s Facebook page read. “We will exercise our right to assemble and peacefully protest the corruption of the Colorado GOP and disenfranchisement that we the voters have suffered.”

That assembly will happen this Friday, when the group plans to demonstrate en masse against the Colorado state party outside its headquarters in Greenwood Village.

On the group’s website, it also said it aimed to show “how many people they have angered by silencing our voice … (and) a preview of what is to come if we come to a contested convention.”

Trump has also expressed great anger at the Colorado process. In an interview with “Fox & Friends” Monday, Trump said Colorado was the result of corruption by the Cruz campaign.

“I’ve gotten millions … of more votes than Cruz, and I’ve gotten hundreds of delegates more, and we keep fighting, fighting, fighting, and then you have a Colorado where they just get all of these delegates, and it’s not (even) a system,” Trump said, according to WND.

Trump also accused Cruz and his campaign of buying the vote.

“They offer them trips — they offer them all sorts of things, and you’re allowed to do that,” Trump said. “I mean, you’re allowed to offer trips, and you can buy all these votes. What kind of a system is this? Now, I’m an outsider, and I came into the system and I’m winning the votes by millions of votes. But the system is rigged. It’s crooked.”

It’s pretty common to see a candidate complain about that sort of thing when it doesn’t go their way. But a group of supporters who never even got to vote for him?

Like him or hate him, one thing’s for sure — Donald J. Trump has inspired passion that few other candidates have in recent times. The people of Colorado should have been able to vote for him if they wanted to — and, if Colorado Votes Matter has their way, they will be.

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