Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Not Worthy of Holding the Top Office!

Andrew Shecktor, Boot The Bums
April 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton, probably the second most criminal and corrupt politician in the U.S., is not worthy of even participating in the Presidential elections, let alone holding the office of President. Sadly, the mainstream doesn't care about the quality of a candidate; they only care about their particular special interests. Obama was supported for his supposed support of gay/lesbian issues and for his support of the Hispanic population, and his support of socialism. Hillary Clinton represents women and the gay/lesbian issues. Sadly, these issues are personal and do not affect the general welfare of our country; but they get votes. No one cares these days if the military is adequately funded. No one cares where the money comes from to pay the perpetual welfare recipient. No one cares about the cost of goods or services. The mainstream only care about yacking on Facebook and texting, being able to marry their gay partner and playing games on their phone and X-Box. Oh, and some of the older folks and X-generation still watch the liberal socialist made television shows which teach these values. That, combined with a loss of religion and religious control (for better or for worse) does not bode well for our country. With no threat of eternal Hell no one cares what they do - they have no one to hold them accountable. Sadly, I don't see any solution to these issues aside from the total collapse of civilization as we know it with a return to the "stone age" and a complete re-do.

Drawing of AP photo by A. Shecktor

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