Thursday, April 16, 2015

This is 2016 If We Don't Act NOW!

The apathy and stupidity is running strong! With comments such as "a REALLY bad Hillary is better than ANY Republican," and "Hillary is popular and she can win - even though is isn't any good," running rampant on the Internet, it is clear that their is a vendetta out against the Republican Party, and that it is assumed the Democrats can't find anyone nearly as well known as Hillary Clinton. Personally, despite being a fairly conservative Republican, I would not have a problem with a REASONABLE democrat as President. Hillary Clinton is NOT that person, and people are really brain dead and careless if they elect someone who will destroy our country just because they have a perceived hatred for the Republican party. No matter who wins, corporate America, the mainstream media, and special interest groups will control our country. It doesn't matter who is at the head table, as long as that person is not a career criminal. I, for one, recommend Whoopie Goldberg. A really smart and powerful woman who is willing to listen to reason, and who has even gone against Obama when he has done something stupid. That is the type of person we need running our country!

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